Tuesday, September 06, 2005

YML's NFL Pool!

This week's deadline is 8:00 PM (EST/EDT), 9/8/2005

You are being invited to join YML's NFL Pool!

In order to join, you must register as a user at PoolHost.com.

When registering, you will choose a personal username and password. Once you've entered PoolHost.com as a registered user, go to the 'User Tools' menu and choose 'Join a Private Pool'.

You will be asked to enter the Pool's Login Name and the Pool's Password.
For the Pool's Login Name type: YMLNFLPool

For the Pool's Password type: MaC!nToSh

That's it and then you're in! The next time you login in to
http://www.poolhost.com, you can go to 'My Pools' and you'll see all pools that you are a member of.

Clicking on a pool name will take you to that pool. You can switch to a different pool by going to 'My Pools' again at any time.

To Register, click here.



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