Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nose Candy of a Sugary Kind

Am I getting old or is this a really stupid, *disgusting* idea?

"Hose Nose" is a new offering from San Diego, CA-based Kandy Kastle. The nose is filled with "Candy Slime". It appears to have elastic straps on the back, as if you're supposed to wear it over your real nose.

The package is marked, "Catch It On Your Tongue", presumbly allowing you to wear a novelty nose that leaks sugary mucus on your mouth.



Blogger George Canellis said...

You think that one's bad?!? Kandy Kastle, the maker of "Hose Nose", makes a few more equally disgusting kandy kreations.

"Brain Drain" liquid candy, whose tag line is "Eat Your Brains Out", allows would-be zombies the chance to suck out the extremely sour goop inside the head shaped dispenser. http://shopping.kandykastle.com/home/kk1/page_8

"Candy Cannon" is an electronic "cannon" that fits on your wrist and shoots 19 rounds of candy ammo at anyone who can catch it. It has a trigger that fires with a big "bang" sound each time it is released. If you go to the link you can see the counter top display package which proudly states "Great tasting candies from Canada". http://shopping.kandykastle.com/home/kk1/page_6

There's just nothing more wholesome than candy which encourages cannibalism and shooting projectiles into a friend's mouth. Or perhaps it's the lovely choking hazard warning on the package! Candy should NOT have a choking warning! What are they thinking?!? You're supposed to put candy in your mouth! Sheesh!

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Newman said...

Come on! I would have LOVED this shit as a kid.

My friend and I would walk around the house with cans of that edible candy silly string type stuff, pretending it was snot or vomit, being absolutely disgusting little bastards.

Then Again, I was a Wack Packages,Garbage Pails kids, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men collecting, video game playing, fangoria reading, fart joke menace to tthe schoolroom while drinking my Juicebox on the playground.


12:27 PM  

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