Wednesday, February 07, 2007

15 Geek Movies to See before You Die

"I am as much a film geek as a tech geek. In a previous life, I reviewed music and movies, and had lots more fun with the latter. If someone offered me a film-review job that paid my mortgage, I'd take it in a second, but I have a feeling that will remain a part of my past rather than become my future.

Sadly, most of the film reviews I wrote back then are not online . . . I'd love to share the absolutely horrible review I wrote of The Story of O for the Daily Texan, circa 1975. But alas . . .

Geeks and movies go together quite nicely. I've been thinking about films that reflect tech and geek culture, and have pulled together a list of 15 movies that should probably be on any geek's must-see list."

(I've seen 13 out of 15 :) )

15 Geek Movies to See before You Die


Anonymous J. Curtis said...

I've seen them all...and own most of the 81 in the other list.

12:02 AM  

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