Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Online Shop with IKEA

I love IKEA. I love wandering it's warehouse, dreaming about cool living rooms and kitchens. Dreaming about where I'd put that lamp or that bookcase.

But I will *never* shop online at IKEA ever again. This has got to be the worst online shopping expereince I have *ever* had.

3 weeks ago, we placed an order for over $500 of IKEA gear for our new studio - desks, bookcases, credenzas, etc - all ordered online. We got the email confirmation of the order a while later. That's when things started circling the bowl.

I thought the email confirmation was just that, so I put it in my Net Buys folder and forgot about it. A week later, I get another email from IKEA:
Your merchandise will be held for you for 48 hours. If we do not receive a response from you confirming your order, your e-Shop order will be canceled.

WTF? I go back to the previous email and it says:
Your order information appears below. Due to a high volume of orders, we will contact you to confirm your order with the details about your delivery and total cost within 5 - 7 business days.

Fine, fine....I send off the confirmation email.

I get back from Apple Expo Paris and I have a message in voicemail:
Please contact us within the next 48 hrs by phone our your order will be cancelled."

WTF? #2

Yesterday, I call and ask where our order is.

IKEA: Your order has been cancelled.

Me: WHY!?

IKEA: Because you didn't call us back.

Me: But I confirmed the order via email!

IKEA: We also follow up *a week later* with another phone call.

Me: WHY!?

IKEA: Just company policy, sir.

Me: How do I reinstate the order?

IKEA: I can do that for you sir and call you back.

Me: Please do that.

I wait.......nothing....So I call back today...

IKEA: The order has not been reinstated.

Me: Why not?

IKEA: No one made that request sir.

Me: Oh, for crying out loud! Let me speak to a manager.

I try to get Jay, a supervisor, to explain why IKEA requires 3 seperate confirmations of the order. He apparently can't. I ask him how can we get our order, that we made over 3 weeks ago, shipped to us ASAP.

Jay: We don't expedite shipping, sir.

Me: We are paying 25% of the costs of our order in shipping charges and you can't expedite it!?

Jay: No sir.

Me: You have a very upset customer on the phone and yet, you can't seem to find a way to make this customer happy?

Jay: No sir.

Me: How do I reinstate my order?

Jay: I can do that for you sir.

Me: Please do.

I've now been on the phone, mostly on hold, with IKEA over the past 2 days for a total of 2.5 hrs.

10 mins later, Denise picks up the phone.

Denise: Can I help you?

Me: What?

Denise: Can I help you?

Me: Where is Jay?

Denise: Jay told me to speak to you about redoing your order.

Me: Just reinstate the order.

Denise: We can't do that sir.

Me: Why not?

Denise: The telephone number we have for you doesn't match.

Me: WHAT! You people *called* me! You left voicemail! How can you say the phone number is incorrect!?

75 mins later....I'm now on hold, waiting for Jay.....

Dianna: Hello sir. Can I help you?

Me: This isn't Jay.

Dianna: No sir, it's Dianna.

Me: Jay doesn't want to talk to me?

Dianna: He's on the other line. Can I help you?

Me: Did Jay explain to you what is going on?

Dianna: No sir.

Me: So you need me to go through the entire issue all over again.

Dianna: Yes sir.

Me: Cancel my order.

I'm going to find somewhere in Middle Tennessee who wants to take my money.....


Anonymous ChillyWilly5280 said...

I've had similar experiences with Club Mac and Comcast in the past month. Seems when companies get big, they forget what the hell they are in business for in the first place. Thanks for the head's up, I can add IKEA to my "Never gonna see a dime of my money again" list!

5:13 AM  

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