Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Latest BRAVIA Ad

How much fun would this ad have been to create!?

70,000 litres of paint
358 single bottle bombs
33 sextuple air cluster bombs
22 Triple hung cluster bombs
268 mortars
33 Triple Mortars
22 Double mortars
358 meters of weld
330 meters of steel pipe
57 km of copper wire

Friday, October 13, 2006

Things You'll Never See on American TV

The first guy is Rick Mercer, the "Canadian Jon Stewart". The second guy was, at the time of the filming, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Can you imagine an American President going to a Home Depot!

3rd Grade Geography Quiz

I failed. :(

3rd Grade Geography Quiz


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thanks to Dan In Murfreesboro for this one.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whitney Music Box


Whitney Music Box

Trash Talk for October 11th, 2006

It can be grabbed from this URL (control click and download to your desktop):


If you want to connect to it via your favorite PodCasting software, here is the feed URL:


Hope you enjoy the show regardless and let us know what you think of it in general and the subject matter specifically. Our email address is "trashtalk@yourmaclife.com".

This week's links:

Supreme Court rejects Texas sex-toy case

Art Teacher Loses Job After Kids See Nude Sculpture

The Loan

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Put On A Bra 101

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over for Speeding

Nobody enjoys seeing the red and blue lights telling them to pull over. Getting pulled over for speeding always seems to happen at the worst time. You're running late for one reason or another and the last thing you need is another delay, especially a delay with a fine on top of it. The thing that most speeders don't realize is that there are plenty of ways to limit your risk of getting a ticket while speeding. While we definitely don't advocate poor or dangerous driving, we do realize there are often legitimate reasons you are speeding, and that a lot of speeders are also good drivers who would never intentionally put other people at risk.

There are several ways to avoiding both getting pulled over and getting a ticket once you've already been pulled over (which you can find more about tomorrow @ www.desinc.net). None are fail safe, but all of these tips will decrease your odds of getting a ticket significantly.

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over for Speeding

Call in Sick.com

"Call-in-Sick is a revolutionary new FREE service that allows you to call in your sick message to your boss or employer from anywhere, any time.

Picture the scenario: You stay out too late on a workday night and decide to call in sick the next day. The next day you drag yourself out of bed at 5am because you know your boss won't be there to answer the phone.

With Call-in-Sick you can record your sick message the night before then schedule it to be sent directly to your boss's phone early in the morning without you even getting out of bed!"

Call in Sick.com