Monday, February 27, 2006


I love rollercoasters and this one looks like a complete blast!

SheiKra Diving Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh....this can't be Good....

You Are 88% Evil

You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm *almost* in Heaven

I'm sitting at a place called "Olde World Leaf and Ale. Check this out. They have cigars for sale in a good sized humidor with a decent selection, a largish beer cooler with beers from around the world (I'm having a Russian Wheat beer), you can smoke the cigars and drink the beers right on the premises in their comfy little room and...the kicker...they have *WiFi*!

If they had showers, I'd freaking move in....

"You figure out a way to do it…”

How would you like to hear this sentence from Steve Jobs....

"When I told him this, he got even more upset. “you figure out a way to do it…”"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Michael Jordan's Most Famous Moves

If you're a Michael Jordan fan, you'll recognize the moves - just not the people making them.

Michael Jordan's Most Famous Moves

Why are Carmen Electra and Victoria Silverstedt Making Out?

Now with yummy *video* goodness....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Remarkable Film

Here is a short film, shot using only a digital camera - all still shots. It's got a Sci-Fi story line which isn't too far....unfortunately, only the first 7 minutes are available online.

Missing Pages

Aha! I *Knew* it!

We all knew they were fake but, until know, we didn't know just *how* fake....

Aha! I *Knew* it!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Why iSight Cameras are *Bad*

If you're going to do this, *don't* turn the damn camera on....

Why iSight Cameras are *Bad* (Not Safe for Work)

Conversations I Never Had.... be so young and so naive again.....

Conversations I Never Had....(Not Safe for Work)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Funniest Fake Ad *EVER*

A spoof on the MasterCard: Priceless" ads. Not safe for work.

Funniest Fake Ad *EVER*

National Anthems

Just starting to watch the NBA All Star game (don't tell me the score!).

For the Canadian national anthem, Jann Arden (great singer from Calgary), dressed in a simple leather jacket and jeans, did a sweet "traditional" version.

For the American Anthem? Destiny's Child dressed to the nines in gowns, jewelry and bling.

Now, I have no idea what song they sang. I assume it was supposed to be the Star Spangled Banner but, the way they sang it? Not even close....

Why do singers feel the need to do that to the US anthem? It's a fine song the way it's written. What's with the idea of "I have to put my personal stamp on it." NO YOU DON'T! IT'S THE FREAKING NATIONAL ANTHEM, NOT YOUR PERSONAL THEME SONG!

Are You a Monty Python Fan?

“Monty Python’s Personal Best,” a series of six outrageous one-hour specials showcasing the groundbreaking comedians with new footage and original clips, will premiere on PBS February 22, 2006.

Each episode will include members of the original Monty Python troupe performing in favorite clips from their unorthodox television series, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” repurposed with exclusive new material. Each of the five living Pythons — John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin — produced and wrote his own episode, and collaborated to create the sixth special in honor of deceased member Graham Chapman. The episodes will air over a three week period in two-hour blocks on PBS on February 22, March 1 and March 8.

Are You a Monty Python Fan?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Trash Talk for February 15th, 2006

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Number of speeding motorists up 800% in two years

Call from the dead exposes grave error

Man who drove SUV into dealership and set fire kills self aboard flight to L.A.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


LOL OK...after my Olympic rant, this site is pretty funny.

"Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they're there, and you're not."


More Tail of the Dragon Video

Man....I can't wait to do this ride!

More Tail of the Dragon Video

Olympic Stuff the USA *didn't* See....

Only the Italians would think this up. :)

Olympic Stuff the USA *didn't* See....

Tail of the Dragon Run

Doesn't this look like fun!? Granted, at *much* lower speeds.....

The "Dragon's Tail" is a road on the TN/NC border. *318* turns in only *11* miles.

Tail of the Dragon Run

How Could this have been Avoided?

I've watched this video several times and, to me, there are at least two things the rider could have done to avoid the accident.

But, make no mistake, the driver was at fault.

How Could this have been Avoided?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympics Rant....

This all will be all too familiar to Sly and Lesa....

Coverage of the Olympics here in the US *SUX*. And don't mean just NBC's TV coverage but I'll start there....

Last night, Apolo Ohno was competing in the semis of the 1500m Short Track Speed Skating (I love this event). While I understand that Ohno is the defending Gold medalist and there (used to be) was "controversy" surrounding how he won last Olympics, is that all any reason to not even bother to introduce the other 5 guys who were competing in his race? NBC made it seem like a forgone conclusion that he was going to win.

When he didn't, they replayed it 15 times. But, in the finals, with a Canadian in second or third, "something" happened and he got shuffled to fifth or sixth. They didn't even bother to replay the race, let alone the incident with the Canadian.

Downhill Skiing - with the American media treating Bode Miller's win as (another) foregone conclusion, it was with great joy I watched him ski terribly - even though the NBC "analyst" couldn't see the mistakes he was making.

Figure Skating - I'm listening to Sports Talk radio this morning on the way to work and this afternoon's Dan Patrick Show. The local morning guys actually called Michelle Kwan a "loser" for not having won a Gold medal. WTF? Don't nine National Titles, five World Titles and two Olympic medals count against that "loser" tag?

And the comments they were making about the Olympics in general - folks, if you don't understand a sport, don't make negative comments about it *especially* when you are a "Sports Talk Show Host". You end up sounding like a freaking idiot.

How is it with other nation's coverage? I know in Canada, the emphasis is not (strictly) on winning Gold. We often mention when an athlete has exceeded their personal best, even if they "only" come in 7th place. Do other nation's media fixate on winning the Gold and anything else being "losing"?

And do these people not understand what "Olympic sport" is about? It's about competing, doing your best, trying your hardest and representing your country. All this talk of getting rid of various sports (mostly because the American media don't understand the sport) is ridiculous. Just because the sport doesn't have a US based professional league doesn't mean it's not a worthwhile endeavor or even that it's not an interesting, fun sport for *somebody*.

And the fact that NBC apparently isn't showing any events live really burns my britches.

OK.....Now I'm going to start watching NBC's coverage of Curling...let's see how they butcher this....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Imagine the Possibilities....

The Ultimate Driving Vehicle?

300 horsepower, 0-60 in under 3 seconds and faster than a you want one?

The Ariel Atom 2

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Trash Talk for February 7th, 2006

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Funny Stuff from the Past

Going through some old video files and J found this....

Test Your Reactions

If you can go longer than 22 seconds you are phenomenal. Supposedly, The US Air Force uses this test for fighter pilots. They are expected to go for at least 2 minutes.

An Interview with Bobo

Bobo is a sick cat and he wants to talk about it.